Average Weight:

115 Lbs

Average Height:

3 Feet, 8 Inches

Fur Color:

Brownish Red


Bionic Arms and Legs (Former), Visionary Lock-on Target System/V.L.T.S. (Former)



None, with the exception of fake alliances.

Main Enemies:

The Clox (Former)


Chaotic Evil


Sudo-Odus, Ken`se (Former),


Universal Destruction

Technology Type:


Home Galaxy:


Home World:



The Grox were born during 750,000 B.C. (Earth Years). They actually started their history on the beautiful earth-like planet of Groxitan, only a small distance away from the center of their home galaxy (Sporatus, aka Sotranos to most empires).

The WarEdit

The Grox successfully formed the fourth empire in the Sporatus galaxy. A Grox Captain named Ken`se was leading the Grox Space Fleet. It was only three weeks until Ken`se started their first war with the another empire. The second known empire in Sporatus (known as the Ancient Thunder) became scared when they found out the Grox were planning to wipe out the galaxy. The Ancient Thunder planned to put a stop to this.

Ken`se commanded his crew to power the new superweapon to destroy the all empires existent in the galaxy (there were now about 35 at this time). Suddenly, the weapon malfunctioned during it's charging, and the ship was attempting self-destruct. The controls weren't working, and the ship destroyed itself before anyone could escape (the machine was sabotaged by the Ancient Thunder).

The Cyborg EraEdit

The Grox were trying to contact Ken`se, but no response came back. An enormous UFO came into Groxitan's atmosphere, and it sucked all the inhabitants of the planet into that one ship. A scientist named Ardemedes was creating a machine that would turn the Grox into cyborgs (while the Grox were unconcious). Ardemedes was doing this so he could take control of the Grox.

When the machine was complete, Ardemedes turned the Grox into cyborgs, and it was only a matter of time until they broke free from Ardemedes' control. Though they had their own minds back, they were only able to feel anger (a side effect of the hardware their robotic parts were made out of). They destroyed Ardemedes and the other empires that were around at the time. For millions of years the Grox were in control of the Sporatus Galaxy.

The Post Cyborg EraEdit

Ardemedes was the ancestor of a future scientist named Ardin. Ardin created a machine that would turn the Grox back to their normal forms, basing off his ancestor's technology, but he would need the grox in an unconcious state. The whole sector teamed up with Ardemes, and with technology they put the Grox to a deep sleep for a few months. Ardemes used this time to restore the Grox in their normal forms.

The Grox woke up and went back to flesh. But it only restored their original physical attributes (their evil ways didn't change). Ardin managed to escape his lab, but the grox took used one of his inventions to destroy the main power source of the sector. The whole sector now turned against Ardin, but he kept trying to do what was right. Ardin created the Clox, which were warriors that look like the Grox, except for few a differences..